DM942BK Women's Stylish Black Denim Vest

$ 49.95

The best biker clothing is attractive and durable. Our women's black denim biker vest can accompany you on ride after ride and maintain its shape and fit. It's made in a short, fitted style that will accentuate your form while you ride. The side-laced vest provides the perfect fit and flexibility.

With one inside pocket and two outside zippered pockets, our vest includes plenty of storage. The heavy-duty zippers are made to withstand hours of riding without showing any wear. Many of our customers enjoy customizing their vests to make them their own. You can affix logos to the back or create embroidery. However you style it, you'll appreciate the comfort and versatility of this attractive vest when you hit the road.

You'll receive a lifetime warranty on your purchase in addition to free shipping on qualifying orders. Buy our women's black denim biker vest today.

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