DS141 Men's Single Back Panel Concealed Carry Vest (Buffalo Nickel Sn

$ 77.95

Leather vests offer increased mobility and protection while you're on the road. Concealed carry vests provide the advantage of accessible gun pockets and holsters. Our men's plain side single back panel concealed carry biker vest is the perfect addition to any wardrobe.

Vest Highlights

This vest is made from milled promo cowhide 1.1 - 1.2mm for comfort and durability, and it is fully lined for smooth comfort over a T-shirt or a leather jacket. The buffalo nickel snaps are a unique addition that adds custom flair to the design.

There are two hand pockets and two concealed carry pockets located in the front chest area. They have built-in holsters and snap closures for secure holding and easy access. We also reinforce the shoulders for maximum support.

Buy Your Vest From Daniel Smart Manufacturing

If you want a classic leather vest, consider our men's plain side single back panel concealed carry motorcycle vest. Order online from Daniel Smart Manufacturing, and receive free shipping on qualifying orders, easy returns, and a free lifetime warranty on all purchases. Order online today! 

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