Cleaning Your Stainless Steel Jewelry

Once you have found and purchased that perfect Stainless Steel Jewelry piece, you need to keep it clean and shining. Stainless Steel does not rust; and is very easy to keep maintained. Here we will tell you how to keep your Stainless  Steel Jewelry in tip top shape for many years to come.

First of all you need your supplies. A bowl, warm water, mild detergent and a couple of soft cloths is all you need.  Mix a few drops of the mild detergent in the bowl of warm water. Use the soft, clean cloth, dipped in the water solution...

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Stainless Steel Jewelry--The Rising Star

Stainless Steel Jewelry


Stainless Steel: The Rising Star In The World Of Biker Jewelry


Considering the ever rising prices of gold and silver jewelry these days, there is little wonder why the interest and popularity of Stainless Steel jewelry has been on the rise. In the biker world, Stainless Steel jewelry has been a staple for decades. Now, it is seeing a significant rise in popularity in the main stream population, partly because of its durability, and partly because of its affordability.


Stainless Steel jewelry is every bit...

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